About Us

Planezon is an ecologically driven ecommerce marketplace for fully sustainable and circular products, connecting manufacturers and sellers to the conscious consumer. The products and services on offer are verifiably beneficial to the planet and to wider society.

Designed to provide a one stop shopping experience,planezon will offer a level playing field to all sellers, with sales algorithms based on circularity, ecology and impact principles. Small businesses and microentrepreneurs (currently leading the way in the sustainable economy) who’s ventures focuses on circularity principles such as upcycling, reuse, repairable, local organic grown food, as well as community sharing will be able to compete on equal footing with the big players - with the sales algorithms designed to maximise social impact, ecology and circularity. For the budding micro entrepreneur, Karma Spend will provide an entry point to showcase their work, maximising their reach and bringing in business.